Forces to Create come from higher worlds

Author, A. Roz Mar

Writing Coursework:

Oxford University, Rewley House


Our creative works have inspired others for generations. Here the Arts flourish inside the walls of our thriving community. Come be inspired!

"This is her picture as she was. It seems a thing to wonder on, as though my image in the glass should tarry, when I myself am gone."  

Quote of Pre-Raphaelite Artist, Dante Gabriel Rosetti & his painting "Proserpine"

Come be inspired

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"Today it is more important than ever that creative artists take the lead in affecting and changing the world through the inspiration of their work. Higher truths must weave themselves into creative projects. Whether in a painting, a book, a film, a play or screenplay, we must take responsibility for knowing that our work affects the soul of an audience and through this we advance the world's evolution and becoming."                               

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The soul resounds with what the spirit conducts through the ground tone that is alive in the human being!

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