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Visual Arts

Feast your eyes on some of the most inspiring art you’ll find anywhere. Preview art and books at

Birth Chart Sidereal Destiny  Readings

After age 30 it is Destiny toward a house through a zodiacal sign that is essential to aspire to in a life, why not know about it!

Healing arts

Bring greater meaning into your life and into the lives of others.

Dr. Alicia R. Marroquin, MA, PhD in Esoteric Religious Studies, Scholar and Interfaith Chaplain offers consulting, teaching and counseling in Esoteric Knowledge & Anthroposophy which is the inherent Wisdom that is man.


Bringing an Esoteric Science approach to your development and your quest for catharsis.

"It is right for human development that the Ego should be able to free itself through laughter and on the other hand search for itself through tears."                                                                                               ~ Rudolf Steiner

"We must in my opinion begin by distinguishing between that which always is but never becomes from that which is always becoming but never is."                                                                                                                         ~ PLATO

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