Autumn Elementals and the Earth's In-Breath

Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria; tropical hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, these are the forces of elemental spirits let loose from their earthly dwellings. Rudolf Steiner identified that every time excavations go deeper into the Earth's surface the more these elemental beings, mostly malevolent, are released and the more we shall see transformational devastation. It is more important than ever that humankind expand their consciousness beyond mechanical  thinking about the causes of climate change.

Hurricanes in particular gather power as the Autumn in-breathing of the Earth's soul begins in the northern hemisphere and the out-breathing occurs in the southern hemisphere. What was unearthed excavated and mined by man and what Nature brings become instrumental in releasing the forces of elemental beings during the Spring and Summer. They explode and disperse into the atmosphere in the out-breath south of the equator and this effects the entire Earhsphere.

Though mankind is helping rapidly escalate the transformation of the Earth, in its wake is left the necessity of helping one another in tragic times and a legacy of a greater brotherhood among peoples. Surely these are the good forces at work as the Sun Spirit incarnates into the Earth's life body.

Longevity;  the 9th Seven-Year Period
The time on earth between sixty-three and seventy years marks the ninth seven-year period that is also the moment which crystallizes into understanding one’s purpose. These years are considered the heart of adulthood. It is at this stage of longevity that one can look back from the heights of time-lived and gain perspective of what has been passed-through and its meaning, in other words the gauntlet of trial, catharsis and enlightenment, another way of expressing the Parzival path. Such progress gives further impetus for perseverance as longevity ensues.

In general people like to say that the future belongs to the young but I beg to differ. Those behind us, youth, bring as yet unresolved Karma and their life’s history whereas those approaching the threshold are less encumbered and carry the torch of wisdom gained forward to stand at the precipice of the future. Wisdom, high love and self-mastery gained are contributions to the future, the cause of freedom and the world’s evolution.

Blue Pearl Arts

'Spectrum of the Sun'

Acrylic Veil painting

It is a beautiful thing to know that Quietude exists for us as long as we are conscious on this earth. With practice one can make Quietude a soul attitude that can become a part of our feeling life which can be carried into the spiritual world. It also points out how preoccupied we are with our Ego in waking life. It is as if we ignore something in us we forget we already possess that is of great value. Quod Sumus, Vos Iam Sunt, perhaps the Danse Macabre is more properly the Danse Pax, the dance of peace.

Rudolf Steiner relates that if you meditate on the bones of your own body you can enter into its state of peace, so that in fact we possess the sense of peace within us at all times. To be the human being we must possess our skeleton but to use this bony structure must be attached the soul, spirit and life body to give it life and all that it entails; the perfect union of forces and architecture.

Art & Culture

I thus offer an interesting contemplation. Through feeling-reflection focus on your own skull and turn it moderately slowly left to right , right to left a few times to truly feel its presence. See in your mind and feel yourself as a moving skeleton in your actions, when you walk and talk. In this you will find Quietude, the peace Dr. Steiner spoke of.

Quod Sumus, "Such As We Are"

Quod Sumus, Hoc Eritis,"Such as we are, so you will be" is the familiar Latin refrain written below the skeletal dead that is called the Danse Macabre. But is it really macabre? Is it truly ghastly and grim?

Quod Sumus, Hoc Eritis is true but what is more precise is to declare Quod Sumus, Vos Iam Sunt, "Such as we are, you already are." We do not become the skeleton after death for we already possess it; we are already skeletal on a daily basis! It cannot be helped.

"If we have some power of perceiving in images as we look at a Rainbow, we see elemental spirits developing tremendous activity within it.

In Red and Yellow you see certain elemental spirits continually emerging from the Rainbow. The moment they come to the lower part of the Green they are absorbed. You see them vanish in the Blue-Green.

At the same time one notices that the spirits show great fear as they stream out and tremendous invincible Courage as they enter. When you look at the Reddish-Yellow, fear is streaming out; when you look at the Blue-Violet, you get the feeling that nothing but Courage is alive there.

As the Rainbow gains density from Red-Yellow to Blue-Violet you can see how a watery element arises."                                        Rudolf Steiner

                   Beauty and the Beast
 If possible, see the current Disney film version of Beauty and the Beast,

La Belle et Le Bete. Though it is presented as a story of romantic love,

I wish to elaborate on a higher vision of the timeless tale.

 The Rose is the main character in the story. An old Hag (ancient Wisdom) offers a rose to an Egotistical Prince and he spurns her. For this he is turned into the Beast until he can redeem himself. Enter Belle, the good or higher aspect of the Self. The three characters of the rose, the beast, and belle are the potential forces acting within a single human life where man must pay for his deeds both past and present.

 The Rose represents the new Self, the higher Self and at the same time, the Sun Spirit imbued Self. The Rose lies within the cross, the cross being the symbol of life on earth i.e. life incarnated. The Beast is the self of lower desires and passions. Belle is the soul’s capacity for redemption but only when out of her own free will she wills herself to help heal the wounds of the beast. In other words, each individual must face the beast and the wounds of his or her own making. Within this lies the meaning of Karma, the destiny of our life’s history.

 The beast is also the Lower Guardian of the Threshold; that which we must confront as the image we have created of a beastly self and we meet after death, or before death if we choose the path of Redemption and/or Higher Knowledge. As in the film, the Beast is wounded and Belle makes the conscious choice to sacrifice her Freedom and stay in the castle (consciousness soul) and heal the wounds of the Beast; a Seraphimic gesture.

Gaston is the False Hero or god and the reckless, ignorant, but handsome wishful suitor of Belle. He is Egoism,  the seductive temptor. We know him as the Wolf in the story of Little Redcap. Belle’s father is symbolic of a time spirit, an Archai, giving Belle spirit vision and guiding her toward the future by showing her the past.


                              Higher Love is at the heart of the story to be sure, but it must not be dragged down to the level of earthly desire, that is the message. The Rose is the image of Purity when the soul is redeemed through trial, each trial being a thorn on the stem of the rose; a statement of life being the thorny path of redemption. If one’s trials are successful the soul blossoms and an Alchemical Wedding take places; when the Sun’s Lance of Love enters our pure state of being.