"If we have some power of perceiving in images as we look at a Rainbow, we see elemental spirits developing tremendous activity within it.

In Red and Yellow you see certain elemental spirits continually emerging from the Rainbow. The moment they come to the lower part of the Green they are absorbed. You see them vanish in the Blue-Green.

At the same time one notices that the spirits show great fear as they stream out and tremendous invincible Courage as they enter. When you look at the Reddish-Yellow, fear is streaming out; when you look at the Blue-Violet, you get the feeling that nothing but Courage is alive there.

As the Rainbow gains density from Red-Yellow to Blue-Violet you can see how a watery element arises."                                        Rudolf Steiner

'Spectrum of the Sun'

Acrylic Veil painting.

Art & Culture

Autumn Elementals and the Earth's In-Breath

Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria; tropical hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes, these are the forces of elemental spirits let loose from their earthly dwellings. Rudolf Steiner identified that every time excavations go deeper into the Earth's surface the more these elemental beings, mostly malevolent, are released and the more we shall see transformative devastation. It is more important than ever that those purveyors of wisdom expand their consciousness beyond mechanistic abstract thinking about the causes of climate change.

Hurricanes in particular gather power as the Autumn in-breathing of the Earth's soul begins in the northern hemisphere and the out-breathing occurs in the southern hemisphere. What was unearthed excavated and mined by man, nature and fires of the Earth's deeper crust, become instrumental in releasing the forces of elemental spirits during the Spring and Summer. They explode and disperse into the atmosphere in the out-breath south of the equator.

Though mankind is helping push forward the transformation and evolution of the Earth through over-reaping nature's resources, in its wake is left the necessity of helping one another in tragic times and a legacy of a greater brotherhood among peoples. Surely these are the good forces at work as the Sol Spirit incarnates into the Earth's life body.