"Buccaneer John Paul Jones"

"A human life is layered in veils; it has varied levels and is multi-fold in nature. The first unveiling is to know one's own four-fold nature which bears our spirit, our soul body, our life body, and our physical body."

The Tales of Mystery Wisdom is a book of six stories for Children as young as 4 and All Adventurous readers. $10

The Light Elves and the Moon,

The Golden Woods,

Lord Pan and the Rosebud,

The Dragon of Autumn,

The Owl Girl,

The Fairy King

Wine to Water

The Quest to Consciousness

Esoteric Philosophy with veil art illustrations on topics such as:


~The Lost Art of Medicine

~Courage in the 21st Century


Art & Culture

Guardians of the Noble Path

53 cards & booklet

These are highly inspired cards that offer deep contemplation for understanding yourself and your relationship to a higher purpose. $18

with carry pouch $30

Myths and legends are true and wise and fill our hearts with dreams of long ago. They come from a world we once knew and will one day know again. Such tales tell of wisdom and courage, foolishness and faith in places near and far. They are told so that we never lose heart.

Books by Author A. Roz Mar      

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Book Review

“Without the usual sensationalism and fantasy-spinning, the Rosenhart series takes us on a quest with a very special group of medieval knights. Good reading for their own sake, the adventures have the true feel of significant legend. More than that, we are led to genuine mystery places in Europe and South America and are allowed to share in the knights’ sober worldview as they seek to preserve knowledge and spiritual resources of the past to meet what are present and future challenges. The battle with evil which concludes the third volume is no ‘sound and fury signifying nothing’; its significance brings us morally to the issues of our present times. Language is skillfully used throughout with just enough flavor of times past, and the whole experience provides, as the author intends, a quiet strengthening of the reader’s own sense of mission.”

John Beck, editor, being human magazine


Book Works in Progress:

"Rosenhart" Book IV 'Evolution'

"The Twilight of Humanity" a book of spiritual philosophy


"The Aviary" in three acts