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4 July 2020.......

The USA celebrates its 244th Independence day from British rule; Independence is one thing but Freedom is another.  And then there is the principle of Equality.  What would a singular monument look like if it was to represent everyone in America?

How to Begin: In the 15th Century human development progressed to the first awakenings of Spiritual Soul also called Consciousness Soul. Previous was the development of Intellectual Soul which began in the 8th Century B.C. at the time of the Greco-Roman period. The path of Consciousness Soul is the current path developing for all mankind to move forward. It is the task of our school for Esoteric Studies to offer a way for You to foster your personal progress.

Since the year 1414 our Sun has been entering the constellation of Pisces at the start of the Spring-Vernal Equinox which means that since the Renaissance mankind has been living in the Piscean age. 

In the year 3574 our Sun will enter the constellation of Aquarius at the Spring-Vernal Equinox and begin the 6th Epoch of evolution. Each day we move closer to this time.

Current upheavals are needed for world Cultures & Societies to transform. Greath wealth is not the ideal as some want us to believe. At all costs Americanization across the globe must not occur.

What are the ideals to develop in this age to prepare for the next ? 

Change must not be feared. Ponder the question of ideals but think with your heart for there lies the answer just waiting for you to discover. Consider the ideals of equality, freedom and brotherliness.        

Seek life truths, the meaning of existence, purpose and understanding of how we as human beings are related to the Earth and Cosmos to arrive at higher awareness and in the process develop new soul forces for perceiving the world as it truly is.  

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Discover how our evolution as human beings is bound up with Earth's evolution within the planetary systems and the Cosmos.


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