1. Prometheus and Epimetheus

Humankind's Destiny

The 6th Epoch is the Aquarian Age

Focus of study at our Esoteric school is preparing for the future age of the 6th Epoch. It is an exciting time and with dedication we will go far in exploration into what will come; the Aquarian Age.
    Aquarius, the Waterman, as a constellation represents the open-mindedness needed to allow the flow of Cosmic Intelligence to inform us. It is a matter of devolving Egoism and developing Spirit Self. The world's people are at the start of demonstrating transformational potential inherent under the Aquarian ideal. A new way of seeing through an ever evolving human consciousness is dawning. Non-judgment lies at the core of compassion and is necessary to evolve human freedom.

Sidereal Zodiac Birth Sign Dates:
Pisces/Fishes/Man March15 – April 14 (GC* 12 -18)
Aquarius/Waterman/Angels February 15 – March 14 (GC 16 – 11)
Capricorn/Goat/Archangels January 15 – February 14 (GC 19 – 15)
Sagittarius/Archer/Archai December 16 – January 14 (GC 18 – 18)
Ophiucius/Serpent Holder November 30 – December 15 (GC 30 – 17)
Scorpio/Scorpion/Exusai November 16 – November 29 (GC 23 – 29)
Libra/Scales/Dynamis October 16 – November 15 (GC 31 – 22)
Virgo/Virgin/Kyriotetes September 16 – October 15 (GC 16 – 30)
Leo/Lion/Thrones August 16 – September 15 (GC 10 – 15)
Cancer/Vortexes/Cherubim July 16 – August 15 (GC 21 – 9)
Gemini/Twins/Seraphim June 16 – July 15 (GC 20 – 20)
Taurus/Bull/Cosmic Spirit May 16 – June 15 (GC 14 – 19)
Ares/Ram/Christos April 15 – May 15 (GC 19 – 13)
* Galactic Center

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Cosmologic Sidereal Destiny Charts

Sidereal means 'Star' the actual placement of stars in the Cosmos at the time of a birth or daily.

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Seek life truths, the meaning of existence, purpose and understanding of how we as human beings are related to the Earth and Cosmos to arrive at higher awareness and in the process develop new soul forces for perceiving the world as it truly is.  

Individualized Study & Mentoring 

Discover how our evolution as human beings is bound up with Earth's evolution within the planetary systems and the Cosmos.


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How to Begin: In the 15th Century human development progressed to the first awakenings of Spiritual Soul also called Consciousness Soul. Previous was the development of Intellectual Soul which began in the 8th Century B.C. at the time of the Greco-Roman period. The path of Consciousness Soul is the current path developing for all mankind to move forward. It is the task of our school for Esoteric Studies to offer a way for You to foster your personal progress.

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The Aquarian Age...

What does it mean?

Since the year 1414 our Sun has been entering the constellation of Pisces at the start of the Spring-Vernal Equinox which means that since the Renaissance mankind has been living in the Piscean age. 

In the year 3574 our Sun will enter the constellation of Aquarius at the Spring-Vernal Equinox and begin the 6th Epoch of evolution. Each day we move closer to this time.

Current upheavals are needed for world Cultures & Societies to transform. Greath wealth is not the ideal as some want us to believe. At all costs Americanization across the globe must not occur.

What are the ideals to develop in this age to prepare for the next ? 

Change must not be feared. Ponder the question of ideals but think with your heart for there lies the answer just waiting for you to discover. Consider the ideals of equality, freedom and brotherliness.        

Table of Contents

 "Stars once spoke to us, their silence now is world destiny; awareness of this silence can cause us earthly human beings pain. But in mute stillness ripens what we speak to the stars; awareness of this speech can strengthen our spiritual core."  Rudolf Steiner

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Your Personal Biography
Your living history presents a picture of Rhythms such as Birth Impulses and the Seven Year Cycles occuring within one's personal life events that reveals your Life Theme.

We resolve struggles that come from 1-3 past lives but we may also experience an original sorrow. Begin with a list of important events in your life that stand out.

Biography: "I enter the world a child hopeful, curious, filled with love and wonder. A bright aura lifts me, I dance in time and space. Then one day I awaken, 9 years have passed, around me the earthly world comes into focus and I begin to understand that I am one with the world out there. All is new and clear, I remember and all is vivid. I may be glad or sad as my imaginative world falls away. As I move further into life where things happen to me, I am put upon, dragged along, fated. I arrive at age thirty, thirty-three, and things stop happening to me, no longer do I feel the wind pushing at my back. I, it seems, am duty bound to adjust my own sails, to steer my own course, my own destiny."

2. The Post Atlantean Epochs (coming soon)

There are 7 epochs after the civilization of Atlantis catastrophe where its land sunk between West Europe and East American continents. Today we live in the 5th Post Atlantean Epoch (PAE).