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Living Your History as the World Evolves and Us with It.

Aquarius, the Waterman, as a constellation is the unmaker of Egoism. The world's populations are demonstrating the deep transformational forces inherent under the sign's ideal. The transformation consists of purifying the accumulated dross of material desire informing a new direction. A new way of seeing through an ever evolving human consciousness is dawning.

Approaching the Aquarian Age......Mankind's Destiny

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Your living history presents a picture of Rhythms such as Birth Impulses, and the Seven Year Cycles occuring within one's personal life events. Begin with a list of important events in your life that stand out. 

Blue Pearl Arts

"I enter the world curious, filled with love and awe. A bright aura lifts me and I dance in time and space. Then one day I am awakened. Around me the earthly world comes into focus and nine years have passed and I begin to understand that I am with the world out there. I remember and all is vivid and clear.

"I may be glad or sad but feel newly born, all is new all is of clarity and brightness. I get on descending into life where things happen to me, I am put upon, dragged along, fated. I arrive to age thirty, thirty-three and things stop happening to me. No longer do I feel the wind at my back. I, it seems, am duty bound to adjust my own sails to steer my own course, my own destiny."