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Living Your History as the World Evolves and Us with It

Sidereal means 'Star' the actual placement of stars in the Cosmos at the time of a birth or daily.

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Astral Sidereal Destiny Charts & Biography

The 6th Epoch: Approaching the Aquarian Age......Mankind's Destiny

The focus of study at our Esoteric school is on preparation for the Future age of the 6th Epoch. It is an exciting time and with dedication we will go far in exploration into what will come.

    Aquarius, the Waterman, as a constellation represents the open-mindedness needed to allow the flow of higher thoughts to inform us. It is a matter of devolving Egoism. The world's people are at the start of demonstrating transformational potential inherent under the Aquarian ideal. A new way of seeing through an ever evolving human consciousness is dawning. Non-judgment lies at the core of compassion and is necessary for the way of human freedom.

Your Personal Biography:

Your living history presents a picture of Rhythms such as Birth Impulses and the Seven Year Cycles occuring within one's personal life events. We resolve in an incarnation 1-3 past lives and may also experience an original sorrow. Begin with a list of important events in your life that stand out. 

"I enter the world curious, filled with love and awe. A bright aura lifts me and I dance in time and space. Then one day I am awakened. Around me the earthly world comes into focus and nine years have passed and I begin to understand that I am with the world out there. I remember and all is vivid and clear.

"I may be glad or sad but feel newly born, all is new all is of clarity and brightness. I move further into life where things happen to me, I am put upon, dragged along, fated. I arrive to age thirty, thirty-three and things stop happening to me. No longer do I feel the wind pushing at my back.

I, it seems, am duty bound to adjust my own sails to steer my own course, my own destiny."

Sidereal Zodiac Birth Sign Dates:
Pisces/Fishes/Man March15 – April 14 (GC* 12 -18)
Aquarius/Waterman/Angels February 15 – March 14 (GC 16 – 11)
Capricorn/Goat/Archangels January 15 – February 14 (GC 19 – 15)
Sagittarius/Archer/Archai December 16 – January 14 (GC 18 – 18)
Ophiucius/Serpent Holder November 30 – December 15 (GC 30 – 17)
Scorpio/Scorpion/Exusai November 16 – November 29 (GC 23 – 29)
Libra/Scales/Dynamis October 16 – November 15 (GC 31 – 22)
Virgo/Virgin/Kyriotetes September 16 – October 15 (GC 16 – 30)
Leo/Lion/Thrones August 16 – September 15 (GC 10 – 15)
Cancer/Vortexes/Cherubim July 16 – August 15 (GC 21 – 9)
Gemini/Twins/Seraphim June 16 – July 15 (GC 20 – 20)
Taurus/Bull/Cosmic Spirit May 16 – June 15 (GC 14 – 19)
Ares/Ram/Christos April 15 – May 15 (GC 19 – 13)

* Galactic Center