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Runstaef Witt

Yggdrasil Odin or Woden's tree where the archangelic god hung for 9 days.

Blue Pearl Arts

Courses: This year's focus is Runstaef Witt, see below.

In the 15th Century human development progressed to the first awakenings of Spiritual Soul also called Consciousness Soul. Previous was the development of Intellectual Soul which began in the 8th Century B.C. at the time of the Greco-Roman period. The path of Consciousness Soul is the current path for all mankind to move forward. It is the task of the Roscroix abbey-school for Esoteric Studies to offer a way for the continuation of human progress.

For those seeking world and life truths, the meaning of existence, purpose and understanding of how we as human beings are related to the Earth and Cosmos, I invite you to consider study. Courses and lectures are presented along with practices to further one's personal progress.

Through individual tutoring and/or 6 week coursework in the knowledge of Esoteric Science, Anthroposophy and Mystery Wisdom of the ages, we arrive at higher awareness and in the process develop new soul forces for perceiving the world as it truly is. The work for students of the ancient mysteries has been handed down through the ages time out of mind.  


Though labeled "pagan" by late-century christians, Viking-Scandinavian mythology of the gods is not separate from the higher realms of the Spiritual World - that which is the Cosmic Spirit, Sol-Spirit and Trinity. The gods of the pagans are in truth the Spiritual Hierarchies that are Nine in number, thus the sacred meaning of the number 9 to the Vikings, Danes and Celts. Only a Monotheistic view can make sense of this in that out of the One are created many many forms within kingdoms in the Cosmos and Earth.

The Rune for June 2018

Othala is the O rune symbolizing that which is within and without, the enclosure.  It is often thought of as heart of home, kin or mind. In Germanic lore the O is prominent. Representative of a ring, or even a shield-wall, it is that which stands between the inner and outer worlds, such as is with Midgardhr and Asgardhr or even Hel. For nomadic, mobile societies it is an essential mind-set to assert in order to remain whole.


Giant = man

Midgardhr = earth or middle-earth

Aesir = gods

Asgardhr = the hierarchical spiritual world

Thorr = pulsing thunder of blood and self consciousness and the "I"

Odhin = lightening in nature that is thought and memory in man