Welcome to my Sailing Log

30 years more or less on the Hook

Blue Pearl Arts

Most Sacred grounds;

Micha`el's Tower on the Tor and

Glastonbury Abbey

The Mediterrean;                      Nice, France                                                                                        Porquerolles, France

Sacred World Sites

Chitzen It Za, Quintana Roo, in the Ma Ya Ab

Site of the future mysteries

 Astral Chart Reading

Unfold the Mystery of Your Life

Sidereal Birth Chart

Destiny Readings

After age 30-35 our life's Destiny & Purpose becomes more essential to aspire to. Interpretations are clear & concise $75.  Biographia ...important plot points, rhythms & more.

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Stonehenge, Wiltshire UK

Forbredan, Transformative Arts

         Evolve & Unfold Soul and Spirit Self

~Anthroposophic  Consulting, Biography, Mentoring, Spiritual Insight   

    Dr. Aelicia Marroquin, PhD & Scholar of Esoteric Rel. Studies

          Author, Artist, Esoteric Chaplain Advising & Guidance

         Master of Arts Counseling & Community Psych. BA Psych.
                 Telephone talks ~ Flexible fees & hours 


Anthropos Sofia... Divine Wisdom powers that is Man.

"It is right for human development that the Ego should be able to free itself through laughter and on the other hand search for itself through tears."  

"A wound is the beginning of every sense. Only by pain transmuted can we perceive the world."                                                             ~Rudolf Steiner

"We must in my opinion begin by distinguishing between that which always is but never becomes from that which is always becoming but never is."         ~Plato

French West Indies;     Saint-Martin/Sint Maarten                                                                              Heineken Races                                                                              Anguilla                                                      

Kayaking the Intracoastal Waterway, NC         1st Place racing Wrightsville Beach, NC

Temple Wood, Alba

La Sainte Baume in the Provence, FR

It takes less than an hour to walk the climbing trail to Le Sainte Baume, the "Holy Cave" of the disciple of the Sol Spirit Christos, Sainte Mary Magdelene. For 33 years she dwelt in the grotto after the crucifixion. On the southeast coast of France, she and two other Marys & the servant Salome made landfall in a little boat w/o mast or rudder after leaving Jerusalem. When she died Angels carried her up to the Spiritual World; her physical remains were never found.

Pipeline w/ bro Roger North Shore Hawaii

A bit about me. Sail Lore

~Sponsored Member Anthroposophical Society since 1990~

Art & Culture

Society Islands; Raiatea, Tahiti, Moorea, etc. South Pacific & Mantaray on Bora Bora                                                         Netherlands, Lesser Antilles, Caribbean

Tall Ships Seattle  & Pacific Coast                                 


The Caribbean; USVI, BVI, St John, Jost Van Dyke, Anguilla, St Martin, St Kitts, Eustacia, Guadalupe, Dominica                                                            St Bart's

Greater & Lesser Antilles, French West Indies

Pacific NW; Many years racing & cruising Puget Sound, San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands to Nelson Sound, B.C.

Other Sailing but no pics:

Guam, Samoa, California.

 Glastonbury UK:

"Sail bonnie soul like a bird on a wing,

Say could this lass be I?

Carry the one that was born to be king,

Over the sea to Skye,

Mull was astern, Rum on the port, Eigg on the starboard bow,

Glory of youth that glowed in her soul,

Where is that glory now?

Give me again all that was there, give me the sun that shone,

Give me the eyes, give me the soul,

Give me the lass that's gone..."

"Why do I linger in the shadows enfolded by rugged hills not following the waves as before? The mountain ridges are desolate to hearts bent on sterner schemes. The unbending cliffs and harsh terrain oppress those whose souls delight in high seas." Hading from Saxo Grammaticus